Bruce Petersen does Podcasts ...

Bruce Petersen does
Podcasts ...

I get asked a lot to being a guest presenter on podcasts. I even did one of my own when I had more time to keep up with that weekly schedule.

It is called Commercial Conversations over Coffee and my partner, Tyler Cauble, and I did a series of them. You can discover them by visiting our channel.

Some others I have done are featured below. Enjoy them!

If you are interested in booking me for a guest appearance on your podcast, visit my booking page.

Guest Podcast Appearances

College Dropout to Owning 900+ Units

Bigger Pockets

Many people have dreams of owning large multifamily properties—but fail to get beyond small deals. Not today’s guest! Today, we sit down with Bruce Petersen, an investor from the Austin, TX area who started with a 48-unit syndication deal and hasn’t looked back! Bruce has some incredible stories and lessons from his time in the business, so if you ever plan to buy an apartment complex, this is one episode you need to pay close attention to!

Turning One Deal into Multiple Deals

Jake & Gino

The guys take a deep dive into that first deal and the strategies Bruce used to find his investors, finance the deal and running his own property management. At one point, he closed 4 deals totaling 860 units in 18 months. This episode is jam-packed full of ways to add value to your properties and involve your tenants suggestions and treat them well!

Syndicating is a B*tch… You’re going to get kicked in the nuts.

The Capital Raiser Show

Bruce Petersen raises money for a living and so far has syndicated 1,100 multifamily units. In this episode he talks about raising capital, syndicating multifamily, the pitfalls of syndication and how to get his book for free.

Bruce Petersen is the Apt Guy

Jake & Gino

Apt-Guy℠, Bruce Petersen, is an award winning real estate syndicator, TV personality, public speaker, and business coach in Texas. His syndications have spanned multiple years and have consisted of over 900 units. Bruce was a stock broker in the early 90’s and after a long and successful career in retail management he has been investing in real estate since 2012.

Multi-Family Syndication

Commercial Real Estate Pro Network

Multifamily Syndication is the vehicle used by Apt-Guy, Bruce Petersen to purchase over 1100 units consisting of 6 properties of which all are 120 plus unit apartment communities. In 2016 he was recognized by Austin Apartment Association’s Independent Owner of the Year. Then in 2017, Bruce was awarded the National Apartment Association’s Independent Owner of the year award.

A Mindset Change

Old Capital Podcast

For over 18 years, Bruce was a hard worker in retail sales; often working over 80 hours a week and savings his money. He knew that there was a better life out there. After participating in a multifamily education and mentoring program; he got the confidence to start buying apartments. Stephanie discusses her journey from being a former single mother and owning a few single-family rental properties to becoming a key decision-maker in a large apartment portfolio and what she does to advocate for her tenants to make a true sense “of community.”

Profitable Property Management

Driving Value Through Improved Operations

After a 20 year career in retail, Bruce made his first real estate investment which yielded a 300% return and he’s been hooked ever since. Today, Bruce syndicates large multi-family deals in central Texas. Properties ranging from 120 to 300 units per property and he currently manages over 900 units in a portfolio, producing average returns of 8 to 9% annually for his investors. Bruce is obviously a little different than our usual guest, but that’s a good thing. Today we’re going to get a chance to hear the perspective of a successful real estate investor and why and how he has decided to successfully insource property management.

Episode 98

Impacting Local Communities Through Real Estate

Bruce Peterson is based in Central Texas and syndicates large family deals, so far he’s done deals on over 900 units. He had a difficult start in life from a poor background and barely made it out of high school. He struggled with college and got a job as a stock broker until the market collapsed but he always hated it. After the crash he went to work for a local bank as a drive through teller and then went into retail for 20 years. After he retired from retails he was living quietly within his budget but realized he was lonely. He decided to get itno real estate to fill his time, so he found a mentor and got started. Since then he’s made more money, had more fun and gained more personal rewards then he thought possible.

Joe Fairless

Challenges That Syndicators Face When Executing Their Business Plans

Bruce started his career as a stock broker. Around 1991 the market changed some and he was not able to make a lot of money in his career anymore. After an 18 year stint in the retail industry, Bruce started educating himself in real estate. His very first deal was a 48 unit syndication in Austin, Texas. Now he only looks at 200+ units and shares his experiences on podcasts for people to learn from. If you enjoyed today’s episode remember to subscribe in iTunes and leave us a review!

Apartment Syndication and Investment Strategy

Real Estate with Gary Wilson

Apt-Guy℠, Bruce Petersen, is an award-winning real estate syndicator, TV personality, public speaker, and business coach. His syndications have spanned multiple years and have consisted of over 1100 units. Bruce was a stockbroker in the early 90s and after a long and successful career in retail management, he has been investing in real estate since 2012.

Creating A Vertically Integrated Apartment Business

Achieve Investment Group

I’m the guy that did not thrive in a formal education environment. It was sucking the life out of me. So I dropped out of college, fell under retail because you know, I don’t have a degree, there’s not a whole lot open to me unless I want to start my own business. And back then, I had ideas but nothing formal. So I went into retail and I did that for 18 years. I quit working for other people at the age of 43 in 2000, I guess it was 13, I guess. Well, no, 2010, I think. And I got very lucky and found a really good mentor. She helped me through the process on the first one, even a little bit on the second one. And you know, we’ve been off and running since.

Syndicating is a B*tch

Author Hour

Today, I’m chatting with Bruce Petersen, also known as The Apartment Guy. In just eight years’ time, Bruce has grown his real estate business from owning and running a 48-unit building to more than 1,100 units. Not only that, but he was the National Apartment Association’s independent rental owner of the year in 2017 and is a regular television personality and public speaker. Bruce is here today to discuss his new book, Syndicating is a B*tch, and he also talks through some of his thoughts about moving through the COVID crisis, from a property owner and manager’s perspective.

Straight Talking Syndication

Apple Podcasts

Bruce Petersen is an entrepreneur, a serial syndicator, TV personality, public speaker, and a mentor on how to invest in apartment complexes. He started with a 48-unit building and has now syndicated over 1,100 units and became known in the real estate world as the “Apt-Guy”. Bruce is also the founder and CEO of Bluebonnet Asset Manager LLC and Bluebonnet Commercial Management. He has received local and national recognition for his syndication efforts. He was the recipient of the Austin Apartment Association’s Independent Rental Owner of the Year for 2016 and the National Apartment Association’s Independent Rental Owner of the Year for 2017.

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