Ask The Apt-Guy: What Is The Most Challenging Part of Disposition?

Don’t Let Your Guard Down

So the most challenging part of this position, basically selling a property, people tend to let their guard down and go, Oh, this property is kind of sorta emotionally done. I just gotta wait out this timeline to close to get my check in my hand. So you stop spending money or you just make bad decisions. You let people stay that shouldn’t have stayed. You know, some evictions that should have been processed that you decided not to. So what happens is your profitability can start taking a hit because you’re taking your eye off the ball. Let’s say the property doesn’t sell. Now we’re, I know we’re talking about selling the property, but there’s a possibility that at the very end of the process this, the buyer will decide, ah, it’s not going to work for me. I don’t like this property anymore. They decide not to. Well, no, you still own it. If you cut all the spending off and made really bad decisions, you’re trying to squeeze every profitable dollar out of that thing. You can. You got to deal with it now. So that’s the biggest thing. Don’t take your eye off the operational ball just because you’re selling it will bite you at some point. That’s it. Thanks.

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